About Me

I grew up as an active child doing everything other than working out – playing on sports teams, on the street with my friends, biking around, all the usual kid stuff.

When university hit, a lot of that changed and with a declining metabolism came the realization that if I didn’t start exercising on my own, I wasn’t going to stay in shape.

So I did what most of my friends were doing at the time – hit the gym.

It didn’t take long for me to get frustrated for a few reasons: it took much more time out of my day to commute to and from the gym, it was an extra few bucks out of my pocket and as more of an introvert, I didn’t like going into a big room of people to exercise, wait for certain equipment or machines, etc. etc.

I wanted something more convenient, more private and better on the wallet.

That’s when I started doing my own home exercise program (I was still living at home at the time). Over the years I’ve lived in different houses and apartments and always find a way to do my old favourite exercises or find new ways to use my surroundings to get a good sweat.

If you’re new to working out or like me, looking for a more convenient way to do it, this is the place to be! I hope my stories, home exercise programs, guides and equipment reviews come in handy.

If you’re new, I recommend starting here. If you’re looking to jump right into some home exercise programs, head over here.

Thanks for reading!