Perfect Fitness Door Mounted Pull Up Bar Review

The Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar is the only pull up bar I’ve purchased because it’s everything I need and should last me for a while. Here are the pros, cons and recommendations I have if you’re shopping around or considering buying a door mounted pull up bar for your house or apartment.

The Pros

perfect fitness door mounted pull up bar

1. Easy Setup

When I was shopping around for pull up bars, I wanted one that I could store easily, take with me if I moved out and could set up in seconds. This door mounted pull up bar does all of the above. I typically leave it in my closet (because I’m living with roommates right now and don’t like to leave it on a door), it’s light enough so I can throw it in my car if moving and can be set up on the right door in less than 10 seconds.

2. Sturdy And Reliable For Pull Ups

The main reason I really like this door mounted pull up bar is because as long as you have a door that’s the right size, it really locks in and is as sturdy as if it was nailed to the door. I weigh around 190 lbs. and this holds me up without any issues whatsoever.

3. Many Grip/Workout Options

The padded grip options are really great. You can do regular pull ups or chin ups with the wider grips, the tighter grips or the two horizontal grips. This gives a lot of variety in exercises at home which I’m always looking for. It’s also adjustable in two places if height or reach is an issue.

You can also stick it on the floor to use for incline/decline pushups or hook it to the base of a door to help with sit ups (see the Amazon pictures for an example of these). There are probably other cool ways to use it that i haven’t figured out yet!

4. Won’t Damage Your Door

The padded grips are great on your hands, but there’s also extra padding along other parts of the pull up bar to protect the door you attach it to. I was really impressed when I noticed this and haven’t seen any scratches or bumps from all my uses.


1. It Isn’t That Light

It’s light enough for me to carry around in one arm without a problem, but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s lightweight. Amazon lists it at 6.2 lbs. which sounds about right. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for something to move around a lot and you aren’t the strongest person in the world.

That being said, considering the weight it’s meant to hold, it’d be hard to find such a reliable door mounted pull up bar that weighs much less. A 6 lb. bar that can hold a 190 lb. person is pretty impressive!

2. Only Fits Certain Doors

While the setup is extremely easy, you do need to make sure there’s enough room on each side of the door for it to fit properly. If you look at the 2nd picture on the Amazon product page, you’ll notice that the bar sticks out a few inches past either side of the door frame. If your door is right next to a closet or another door or wall that juts out, it won’t fit the door frame.

For example, I currently live in a 2-floor apartment and the pull up bar won’t fit on any of the 3 upstairs doors because of the things I just mentioned. That being said, it is part luck because when I was living back at home, it fit almost every door in the house. Either way, it’s been able to fit at least 1 door in every place I’ve lived which is all I can ask for!

3. No Quick Fold Or Unscrew Option

If you aren’t able to leave it mounted on a door, you will have to leave it somewhere. This is fine for me because I have plenty of room, but it does take up a fair amount of space just sitting on the ground or in a closet. There is no way to fold it and while you can take it apart by unscrewing it, that would be a bit of a hassle to do after every single time you used it.


I would recommend the Perfect Fitness Pull Up Bar to anyone looking to add pull ups to their home workout routine if you have the right door for it. Most houses or apartments will and because of how reliable it is and the variations of pull ups you can do, it is well worth the very reasonable price tag.

Feel free to ask me any more specific questions at and for more equipment reviews, go here.

Thanks for reading!