3 Reasons Beginners Should Do Park Workouts

Home exercise programs are great, but if you don’t get creative it can be difficult to keep things fresh and exciting. There are a few ways to do this, such as buying new workout equipment that expand what exercises you can do, or changing where you do your home workouts.

When I moved back home for a few months over the summer, I started using the nearby park for my bodyweight workouts. Here are 3 reasons why I love doing park workouts and why you should start too.

park workouts

1. They Provide New “Equipment”

If you’ve read my post on the benefits of doing pull ups, you know how great they are. But you might not have a pull up bar! One solution is to buy one, but another is to find creative things or places as a replacement.

When I started park workouts, I loved using the monkey bars for things like pull ups and rows. I used the end of the slide for incline lunges (just make sure no one is using the slide!) and the different levels for jumping and other leg exercises.

I would also do a regular full body weight workout right next to the park and include pull ups because I had the monkey bars right there. So whether you use the park for just one or many exercises, it still adds variety.

2. It’s Easy To Add Cardio

The park by my house was about a 5 minute run away, the perfect distance for me because I like to do a warmup and cool down jog. I would run to the park, do my workout then jog home. I find jogging outside so much more enjoyable than a treadmill which made it even easier to motivate myself to do. Remember, we always want to keep things as practical as possible, especially at the start.

If you’re more experienced, you can also add cardio between sets. I added 5 sprints in between each set because there was a basketball court in the park, or you can just go for a 3 minute jog between sets.

3. It’s A Fun, Different, Outdoor Environment

There’s something about a new environment that can spice up any part of your life, especially when it’s outdoors. Park workouts are great because you’re out in nature, it’s a change if you’ve been exercising at home for a while and realistically, we could all use more fresh air in this day and age.

If your home exercise program is feeling stale, mix it up and give it a try! You can do every home exercise program that doesn’t require equipment at a park, and you can include new exercises that you wouldn’t be able to do at home.

Best of luck!