3 Home Objects To Use In Your Home Exercise Programs

One of the main reasons I started doing home exercise programs was because of how convenient they were. What most people don’t realize (myself included at the time) is that you don’t need a fancy gym or equipment to exercise properly, but as you continue to exercise at home, including objects from in or around your home or apartment will add some variety and creativity to the mix.

Here are my 3 favourite objects to include in my home exercise programs:

1. Stairs

When I finally realized I should be including stairs in my home exercise programs, I almost couldn’t believe it. There’s so much you can do with stairs – even something as simple as warming up by running up and down them – that anyone and everyone should be using them.

If you live in a multi-story home then you obviously have them, and if you live in an apartment or condo then it’s required by law to have them…so use them!

As mentioned, you can use them as a warmup to get your blood flowing or include them in your workouts by getting a little creative. If you want some examples and a full stair workout without equipment, check out the Home Stairs Workout here.

2. Books/Jars/Cans

home exercise program

I’m combining these three because they can be used to do the same thing – mostly as free weights to add some variety to your home exercise programs. For example, great bicep exercises can be hard without free weights, but using equally weighted books or jars to do bicep curls is a great alternative.

Another example is to use them for shoulder presses. The opportunities really are endless because using objects like books and jars is basically like adding any light free weight exercise to your repertoire.

3. Tables

Tables are another great way to add new exercises to the mix or to alter already existing exercises. For example, you can use them to do rows (used on day 2 of the Twice Per Week Workout Without Equipment) or add incline/decline variations to other exercises like pushups, planks and lunges (with smaller tables/coffee tables).

Bonus Objects: T.V./Phone/Laptop

Arguably my favourite benefit of home exercise programs is that I can play or listen to whatever I want while doing them (assuming someone isn’t asleep in the next room!). So while I’m working out, I’ll either have the T.V. on, a podcast playing from my phone or a workout playlist blaring from my laptop. Make your home exercise program as enjoyable as possible!

If you’re home exercise programs have been getting stale, use the objects above to switch up your current exercises or add completely new ones as well. To check out the home exercise programs you can start today, go here!