The reality with home exercise programs is that you can only do so much without any equipment. As well, you will reach a certain point where you may run out of exercises or need additional weight to push/pull to keep increasing your strength. Doing pull ups at home is a great way to solve all of those problems.

Benefits Of Pull Ups At Home

pull ups at home

1. They Work A Lot Of Your Upper Body

if you can kill two birds with one stone in any aspect of life, it’s a good thing. For example, doing a high-tempo home exercise program builds strength AND adds cardio at the same time. With pull ups, you’re killing many birds with one stone because you work your back, shoulders and arms all at once.

Especially considering it can be difficult to find great back or bicep workouts to do without equipment, pull ups are a great way to make up for that.

2. They’re Tough

Let’s face it, a lot of home exercises that you do without equipment can be easy if you’re in decent shape, or can become easy once you’ve done them for a while. With pull ups, there’s a very high ceiling because you’re literally raising your entire body up against gravity! If you haven’t tried them in a while, try just doing 3 and you’ll quickly realize what I mean.

For home exercise programs, we like exercises that are tough because it means we can work at them for a long time and constantly try to improve.

3. There Are Many Variations

Pull ups, chin ups, wide grip, narrow grips…there are tons of variations to the classic pull up that all focus on different muscles and body parts. Because of this, it makes the pull up bar even more useful.

4. They Don’t Take Much Space/Equipment

I will go over the different types of pull up bars in a different article, but if you don’t have something around the house to use as a pull up bar, you can buy your own. They are usually easy to set up, easy to store and inexpensive.

The Pull Up Bar I Use At Home

There are plenty of pull up bars to choose from but I’ve only had one so far. Assuming you treat it well, it should last you a long time and for many, many pull ups.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable pull up bar to use in the doorway of your house or apartment, then I’ve been very happy with theĀ pull up bar from Perfect Fitness (note: this is an affiliate link! For a non-affiliate link to the product, click here).

As mentioned, most pull up bars are not overly expensive and you can probably find some used ones online as well that are even cheaper. For a full review of the Perfect Fitness pull up bar, click here.

Get Started!

Whether you have something to use as a pull up bar or have just ordered one, start adding them into your home exercise programs. I will be adding a few pull up exercises and workouts as well, so check them out here.