Weekly Workout Plan: Twice Per Week Workout Without Equipment

If you’re looking to exercise at home twice per week and have moved on from the Beginner Workout At Home, then this weekly workout plan is just for you.

The Design

home workout design

If you just want to get right to the exercise routine, then skip this section. It’s here for those interested in why I designed the workouts the way I did, and to provide insight to beginners to get a better idea of how to design weekly workout plans on your own.

The thought process behind these two workouts is that combined, they provide a full body workout. There are many ways you can break up your muscle groups and a tried and true way to do it is to have a “push” day and a “pull” day. For example, most chest exercises involve you pushing away from your body, while most back exercises involve pulling weight towards you.

Long story short, the first home workout focuses on chest, triceps and core while the second one focuses on back, biceps and legs. Back/biceps are pull exercises and chest/triceps are push exercises. I like to work in some core and legs as well, so I add one in to each.

Again, this is a basic weekly workout plan that you can adjust if needed – for example, there is room to add in a shoulder exercise or switch in a different exercise that you prefer.

The Weekly Workout Plan

To keep things simple, I break down the workouts into Day 1 and Day 2. Whichever days of the week you choose to do them is up to you, just make sure to actually do them!

Note: before doing any of these exercises, watch a quick Youtube video if you aren’t 100% sure how to do them properly (I’ve included some for you below. Not only will it make your home workout more effective, it can prevent injury.

Day 1:

Note, these are recommended reps. Adjust up or down as needed.

Day 2:

  • 8-12 curls (use two glasses, books or any objects in your home that weigh the same amount – or free weights if you have them)
  • 6-10 rows (watch this video for a few ways to do them at home)
  • 6-12 squats (technique is key! Do them slowly)
  • 5-10 supermans (works on any flat surface, watch the video here)
  • 6-12 lunges

That’s it! Also don’t forget a warmup and cool down, which I discuss in the next section.

How The Full Home Workouts Should Look

If you haven’t read the Intro to Circuit Training yet, each workout consists of a warmup, doing 3 sets of the above exercises in order (with a rest in between each set) then a cool down.

For example, here’s how Day 1 should look:

  • 3-5 minute warm up (light jog or stretch or jumping jacks or run up and down the stairs)
  • Set 1: push ups, dips, sit ups, diamond push ups, plank
  • 3 minute rest (or 3 minutes of jogging, jumping jacks or stair climbing if you want more cardio and don’t need the rest)
  • Set 2: push ups, dips, sit ups, diamond push ups, plank
  • 3 minute rest (or 3 minutes of jogging, jumping jacks or stair climbing)
  • Set 3: push ups, dips, sit ups, diamond push ups, plank
  • Cool down (usually a stretch or jog or both, depending on time)

You’re done! Day 2 will look the exact same except you’ll substitute the Day 2 exercises in for each set.

Give Them A Try

Now that you know the beginner weekly workout plan, give it a try for a few weeks. Make sure you’re doing the exercises right and try and push yourself to do a few more reps each week. And as always, let me know how they go! I love to hear feedback at josh@homehealthnut.com