How To Use The Home Exercise Programs

This is pretty meta…a guide on how to use guides! But I thought I’d give a quick explanation so any time you go to click on a home exercise or guide, it’s crystal clear for you.

As I mention in the beginner section of the website, a lot of our best home exercises are in circuit training format because I find they’re the most efficient workouts that can be done in the shortest amount of time.

They’re also flexible, so after you do just one, you can easily switch up the exercises and do 100 different ones as well. That’s why this is so easy. In every home workout you see in this section, I will generally list 4-7 exercises to do for that specific home workout and all you have to do is plug them in!

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How To Plug In New Home Workouts

As long as you understand the basics of circuit training, all you need to do is plug those 4-7 exercises into your routine and you’re ready to start!

For example:

  • Warmup of your choice
  • Set 1: Do the 4-7 exercises for 6-12 reps each
  • Rest (or cardio)
  • Set 2: Do the 4-7 exercises for 6-12 reps each
  • Rest (or cardio)
  • Set 3: Do the 4-7 exercises for 6-12 reps each
  • Stretch/run/walk/etc. to cooldown

That’s it. Every day or as many days a week you’d like to work out you can flip to a different home workout, memorize or write down the 4-7 exercises you want to do, do your warmup and get started!

And as you get more experienced, you’ll be able to pick your own exercises and put together a home exercise program that fits your lifestyle and schedule.


Here’s another thing to remember – when I recommend doing 4-7 exercises for 3 sets and 6-12 reps, it’s just a recommendation. You could do 6 sets of 3 exercises for 10-20 reps, or 2 sets of 8 exercises for 4-8 reps.

By changing the number of sets and reps you do, you can achieve different results (for example, focusing more on muscle strength as opposed to muscle endurance). But since I like to keep things basic and time-sensitive, I prefer the 3 set, 6-12 rep range for now.

If you want a better breakdown of what it means to change up your reps and sets, check out this article.

Get Started

Now that you know how easy it is to take the home workouts in this section and implement them…what are you waiting for? If you’re looking to get started right away, take a look at the twice per week workout here.